Ladies before you leave home for work, hangouts or travel, try these essential 8 beauty and hygiene must-haves.

We ladies carry entire beauty world in our trendy looking purse/bag, more than gentlemen carry money in their wallets. Really we can imagine how much of this stuff we dig out while cleaning up the purse. You might be a working woman or carefree lady but some essentials are a must that we are required to have with us while commuting from home to office, hanging out at a  party or travelling.

Traveling is fun, but undoubtedly stressful. The worst part? Packing. And the worst thing to pack? Beauty products and hygiene essentials. Bulky containers, heavy glass bottles, giant brushes, etc., finding more compact alternatives is key.

So before you hit the road or fly high in an airplane, try these essential 8 beauty and hygiene must-haves.

8 Beauty and Hygiene Must-Haves

1. Makeup Compact

Carry a makeup compact with you always to spark whenever the situation requires with a small mirror to do touch-ups on the way to your destination. And look fresh throughout the day.

2. Lip Balm/Gloss/Lipstick

Lipstick that instantly makes you feel a hundred times more powerful with a single stroke. Pick up a favourite colour like red, peach or light brown to make your lips look glossy all day long. For girls fed up with the dryness of their lucky lips must apply lip balm first and then your dress it with lipstick, for moisture and shine too.

3. Perfume bottle/Pocket Deodorants

Especially during summers, while hanging out with a friend or leaving for the office, girls must keep small perfume bottle in the purse that smells good. Making you refreshed, it keeps the odor away.

 4. Comb-wide-tooth-comb

We love our hair don’t you so you should never forget to carry. After so much of travel or long hour, the hair gets frizzy, looks untidy and messy. To tidy up hair before leaving a place and so the comb is a must.

 5. Face Wet tissues/ Face Wipes

Keep a small packet of both wet and dry tissues with yourself. It removes dirt, excess oil, grime from the face and neck area. It also leaves a lingering fragrance and makes you feel fresh anytime you feel like wiping face. Of course, it also cleans up your hands, when required.

6. Mouth Freshener

After chewing gums, licking sweets, having chocolates, coffee, meal or even while observing fast; our mouth smells and which can make another person feel like running away from you because you even don’t realize that your breath may smell really very bad. So keep Tic-Tac or orbit mouth freshener.

7. Pad/Tampons

In a zipper section your purse, hideaway one or two. Not only will these be helpful in an emergency but you can even help someone who needs it.

8. Small Notepad and a Pen

To write up ideas or thoughts or important talk even phone number, at a moment’s notice.

Ladies be ready with all the stuff in your bag while moving out from home sweet home! Remember the first impression matters and that anybody could be watching you. When you have all essentials, you’ll feel fresh and confident to face and make up for any situation. Have a pleasant and carefree day on your next venture!