Are you visiting Kenya anytime soon?

Kenya is a country in East Africa with coastline on the Indian Ocean. It encompasses savannah, lakelands, the dramatic Great Rift Valley and mountain highlands

You can enjoy wildlife safaris, bird watching, windsurfing, horseback riding, golfing.

In addition to canoeing, kayaking, sailing, mountain biking, snorkeling, scuba diving, hot air ballooning, mountain climbing, hiking, water skiing, fishing, and many more wonderful activities. It’s really a lovely country with no shortage of activities to do.

Places to Visit in Kenya

1. Game Safari on the Mara

maasai mara

Home to the ‘greatest wildlife show on earth’ — the annual migration of one-and-a-half million wildebeest and their accompanying escort of zebra, antelope and predators — the Maasai Mara remains Kenya’s most famous reserve.

In a single morning, you can expect to see vast numbers of elephant, lion, giraffe, hippo, and sight a single cheetah perched on a termite mound, a leopard up a tree or a family of warthogs running across the savannah.

P.S. Walking is not allowed here, so if you’d like to hike across the Greater Mara, visit one of the many private conservancies that fringe the reserve.

2. Mount Kenya

Mount kenya


Mount Kenya is the second largest mountain in Africa only behind Mount Kilimanjaro. It became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.

Mount Kenya is full of parks, lakes, glaciers, forests, mineral springs and peaks. Walking and hiking are the best ways to explore this wonderful mountain.

As it would be quite difficult to climb the mountain during rainy seasons, the best time to visit is usually between January – February, and July – September.

Accommodation is of different types depending on your budget. Camping is also encouraged in order to conserve the environment.

3. Lake Victoria 

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is the world’s largest tropical lake and is the jewel in the Great Rift Valley region. Named after Queen Victoria, the lake is home to a variety of birds and over 200 different fish species.

Lake Victoria boasts of beautiful island resorts and camps where you can enjoy tours around the lake and observe different birds and take in the beautiful scenery.

4. Picnic at the Campsite Fig Tree

fig tree camp

Take a picnic (or camp) at the late President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta’s campsite Fig Tree, 3km from Emsos Gate. He was so fond of this spot, he would often summon his long-suffering cabinet here.

Fig Tree Camp is a budget safari camp that offers cheap safaris to Maasai Mara National Park, Kenya. It house restaurants, bars, swimming pool, video rooms and lots more.


5 Interesting Facts About Kenya

  • Kenya is covered by forests, making it one of the greenest countries in the world. Some of the largest rainforests include Kakamega Forest, the Mau, and Burnt Forest.
  • There is a certain hill as you travel to Machakos city called Kyamwilu magic hill that defies gravity: things normally go upward instead of downward. Amazing isn’t it?
  • Kenya is home to Mt. Kenya and Mt. Elgon.
  • Kenyans drink more chai tea and a little coffee.
  • Kenyan environmentalist Professor Maathai won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004. She was the first African woman to achieve this feat.

Have you been to Kenja? Do you know of any intersting facts or lovely place to visit? Kindly leave a comment below.