The National President of NANTA, Mr Bankole Bernard, took to his Instagram page today to celebrate his 11th year in the travel industry and offers free mentorship sessions to give back to the economy.

What he said below

It has been eleven years since I chose to leave my plum job in one of Nigeria’s leading commercial banks. I can’t say it was an easy decision to take but I flew on the wings of passion and here today, I know it’s a decision that I would take over and over again.

When I left banking, the choice of travel management did not make sense to a lot of my friends, but I was guided by an inner witness and a passion that ruled my heart. Today, Finchglow Travels, which God helped us to birth, is one of the leading names in the industry with limitless opportunities ahead of us. The enormous trust placed in me by hundreds of my colleagues across the country who, last year, elected me as President of National Association of Nigeria Travel Agents (NANTA) bears testimony to the validity of the dream and one cannot but be grateful

So, in the confusion that today’s economy brings on us as a people and the difficult situation that a lot of our youths find themselves, I consider it an obligation to share my experience with everyone whose heart desires the fulfillment of their passion. As a result, I will be hosting a mentorship session every Saturday in the month of May and would love impart and learn from anyone who is interested in joining the sessions.
All you have to do is fill the form in the link below. I look forward to sharing and learning from you.