A lot of people dream of travelling every now and then and seeing the world. If you are one of those who absolutely love to travel but unsure of the best places to visit, then I assure you that these 10 cities would blow your mind away such that you might have a hard time returning back to your place of residence.


Venice is not called the most beautiful city in the world for nothing. With its amazing landscape, beautiful buildings that represent brilliant works of art and breathtaking scenery, Venice looks like a city from a fairytale book and is certainly a must-see city for everyone who appreciates beauty.


Paris is sometimes called the city of light and at other times, it is referred to as the most romantic city in the world. It is a popular destination for people who want to get married, rekindle their romance, or basically just have a memorable romantic time with their partners. Paris is elegant and sophisticated with lots of magnificent monuments, beautiful streets and stylish people.



Prague is located in the Czech Republic and if you have ever seen any photo of Prague, you would agree that it’s simply beautiful. There are dozens of cultural landmarks such as The Old New Synagogue, The Jewish Museum and The Jewish Town. You could also schedule your trip to fall during one of its cultural festivals or social and sporting events such as the Prague Marathon Weekend to better enjoy the beauty and ambience of Prague.



Lisbon is the largest city in Portugal and also the capital of the Portuguese nation. Lisbon has great weather, hospitable people and a lot of must-see places such as the popular St. George’s Castle, Jeronumo’s Monastery, Belem Tower, Berdado Museum and a lot of other beautiful places. Lisbon also has one of the biggest fashion museums in the world for lovers of fashion.



The last World Cup event was held in Rio De Jaineiro, Brazil and a lot of tourists can’t stop talking about the beauty of the beauty and ambience of Rio De Janeiro. Apart from its attractive and endowed women, Rio De Jainero has an attractive landscape and wildlife. There are also large Casinos, beaches and good ol’ beer; what’s not to like?



Europe sure has them; beautiful and ambient cities. Yet another European city that would steal your heart away is Amsterdam. Amsterdam has a lot of Canals, about 90 islands and dozens of bridges. There are also lots of Museums with a rich collection of history and artwork. One activity you must n’t miss when you finally visit Amsterdam is the canal cruise; you’ll love it.



Florence is located in Italy, and a popular choice for destination weddings. Florence effortlessly fuses art with culture, fashion, architecture and religion and has something for all tourists, regardless of your interest. Oh! You would also get to shed some pounds; a walking tour is a favourite activity for tourists in Florence.



There are so many reasons why you should visit Rome at least once in a lifetime. Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, has amazing landscape and a fascinating history.



Are you still unsure of where to spend the next summer? Then you should consider spending it at Budapest, There are a lot of beautiful sights which you would love in Budapest.



Although slightly less famous than the other cities mentioned, Bruges is another beautiful city that you would love such as the Parliament Building and the Fisherman’s Bastion.