That trip to Maldives, Zanzibar or Seychelles doesn’t have to be just a daydream. It shouldn’t remain a fantasy. Make it real! Save for a vacation! It isn’t that hard.

Vacations are supposed to be relaxing and fun right? However, it’s very difficult to relax when you’re constantly worried about how you are going to pay for your dream trip.

Making a bucket list can often feel like daydreaming, especially with far-off destinations like Bali and the Maldives. Traveling doesn’t have to break the bank. With a little creativity, you can save enough money enough to hit the road, sea, or beach in style without going into debt.

Here are 9 creative ways to make your dream vacation a reality in 2018.

9 Creative Ways You Can Save For A Vacation In 2018

1. Start investing in a travel fund.

One easy and great way to save for a vacation trip is to open a dedicated vacation account. Putting aside money directly into a fund for travel, particularly in an account that you cannot easily withdraw from, makes it easier to visualize travel goals. If you choose an interest-bearing account, your money might grow as you plan your trip.

2. Automate your savings.

Similar to putting money into an investment fund, automatically depositing a portion of each paycheck into a savings account makes it easier to achieve savings goals.

3. Assess your current expenses — and make cuts.

Figuring out where you spend most of your money already goes a long way toward figuring out what you’re doing right — and more importantly what you might be doing wrong.

Track your expenses for a month to see where your biggest expenses are and cut down on them.

4.  Sell your stuff.

If you’re a vacation-lover, then you know life is about experiences and memories, not stuff. Especially when that stuff can put cold, hard cash in your pocket. If there are items you no longer need, sell them instead of holding on to them.

5. Start a contribution.

One of the biggest financial mistakes people make is to immediately change their lifestyle the moment they receive a raise or a bonus. Whether you’re receiving a meager Christmas bonus or seeing a big promotion, think twice before rushing out to rent or buy a new apartment or splurge on that 52” LED flat screen TV you’ve been dreaming of.

Instead, start or increase your monthly contribution.

6. Use rewards wisely.

Credit cards that earn rewards for travel expenses such as flights or hotels can be invaluable resources when it comes to making dream trips happen. The internet is full of success stories of millennials who have travelled the world using only their points from rewards cards.

7. Cut back on your monthly food budget.

Food can be a huge monthly expense, especially for those with little kids or teenagers running around the house. Scrap a little off the top by ditching unnecessary food items. In no time, you’ll notice that you’ve got some extra cash to save for your trip.

Also, you can save money by buying in bulk, or by shopping at local markets instead of online grocery stores. Start a garden in your backyard, or save money on food items by regrowing vegetables at home.

8. Pick up a side job.

Sure, you might need to work harder now to make your dream trip a reality. However, think about all the fun and relaxation you’ll enjoy when you’re on your vacation.  Look for ways to earn extra money outside of your regular job. You could take up babysitting, tutoring, catering, re-selling, painting, or any other job you’re interested in.

9. Get everyone to contribute

Every parent knows that travel costs are dramatically increased when kids are in the picture. You need extra plane tickets, more beds, bigger rental cars, more foods, more tickets to tourists’ attractions, etc.

Therefore, if your kids receive allowances, or if you give them a weekly spending budget; teach them to save for the trip as well whether in cash from their allowances or reducing the amount they spend weekly.

Let them know that vacations cost extra, and while you’re covering most of the travel expenses and still paying bills at home during the trip, they will need to save for any extra stuff they’ll need to buy.

These tips and tricks can be applied by travellers from all over the world. However, avoid opening several credit cards at once only to find yourself weighed down by debt. The rule is to first pay off balances, then go after reward.

If you have more creative ways to save for your next vacation, kindly drop a comment below.