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Happy Thursday! I’m currently leading a tour around Austin (if you’re in town, come to the BBQ tomorrow) but here’s just a quick update today, as I have two big announcements:

First, the Nomadic Network tour is back! A few months ago we started doing a “beta” test of community meetups in preparation for our September launch of a new global community event program (more on that later, like in September). We learned a lot during the first go-round on how to make the meetups better, and we’re doing another mini-tour at the end of the month!

At each of the events, you’ll have a talk or presentation by me and other travelers, giving you practical advice on how to travel on a budget and create a life outside the box, followed by a social hour to meet like-minded folks! The goal of these events is to take this amazing online community offline and into real life!

Here are our next dates:

June 28th – Miami | Sign Up Here
June 29th – New Orleans | Sign Up Here
July 5th – Houston | Sign Up Here
July 6th – Denver | Sign Up Here
July 9th – Vancouver | Sign Up Here
July 10th – Toronto | Sign Up Here

The cost of each event is $6 USD. We’re not doing this for profit. It’s purely to cover the cost of the event spaces. However, anyone who attends the events gets 10% off any books we sell on the website to help offset the cost of admission.

You can sign up through the Eventbrite links above. Note: You will need to register in advance as we will NOT be collecting any money at the door.


Second, I’ve updated my guide to travel hacking. Travel hacking, the art of using points and miles for free travel, is one of the most important tools in the budget traveler’s arsenal. It’s how I travel so often for so cheap. (I flew back home this week on Lufthansa first-class using points.) Every year, I earn and burn over a million points for first-class flights, business-class flights, a trip for my parents, free hotel stays, and much more!

The new edition of the book reflects changes in travel hacking methods over the last six months. I’ve updated loyalty program requirements and rules, credit card bonus information, links, phone numbers, and everything in between to reflect recent changes and mergers in frequent flier and hotel loyalty programs, as well as the credit card programs themselves. I also removed old and outdated information from the book. (Ya know, all the little things you do when you update a guidebook!)

But beyond that, I ADDED a lot of new advice, tips, and tricks to help you better navigate this world so you can maximize your points and rewards at a time when airlines are slashing their loyalty program perks. Here’s what’s new:

  • A spreadsheet that tells you what cards to use when you want to fly a certain airline (I created this detailed spreadsheet. You won’t find it anywhere else!)
  • A more detailed section on redeeming miles, including tips on how to know what program and cards to use for each redemption
  • A more detailed section on credit cards, including added information for people with no or low credit
  • More ways to earn double or triple miles on your everyday spending (why get one point when you can learn how to get five!)
  • A new section on gift card and merchandise reselling to generate points and meet card minimum-spending requirements
  • How to use PayPal to pay your bills — and generate free points from it
  • How to fund bank accounts with your credit card — and generate free points from it
  • A more detailed resource list
  • A spreadsheet of the latest deals
  • More detailed, step-by-step breakdowns of all the information in the book and how to put it into practice
  • And a whole bunch more!

All that translates into over 30 pages of new content!

The book is still $29.99 and comes with a 180-day guarantee. I promise you’ll get at least one free flight through travel hacking, and if you don’t, I’ll give you a full refund! I’m that confident this stuff works. Here some of the successes other buyers had with the book:

Michael: “I bought the guide a few months ago and was able to book a one-way flight from New York to Saint Petersburg for 30,000 miles and $5.60! Matt lays out a great plan on finding the best card for you, how to use it to its full advantage, and quickly building up air miles. The easy explanations and layout take a potentially complicated topic and makes it easy to understand. I would gladly recommend it to anyone with the slightest desire to travel!”

Rusty: “Matt’s guide has unlocked a whole new way to travel. His book was an eye-opener — it explained the concept and language of travel hacking in a way that is easy to read and understand. Since buying his book six months ago, I have accumulated nearly 300,000 points. Now, I’m repeating the steps for my wife so we can have double the miles for our future trips!”

Lisa: “I always thought credit cards were bad, but after reading this book, I realized that they can actually work for you, not against you! After following Matt’s advice, I now have two free airline tickets to the US Virgin Islands and I am asking myself, why didn’t I start doing this years ago?! If you are dreaming of traveling more, this book is a must-read. I used to be a real skeptic, but I see that it really does work and it doesn’t ruin your credit!!!”

Jennifer: “Matt’s book was an eye-opener for us. We’d been slogging along, getting 1 point for $1 spent on an airline credit card, and we aren’t big spenders, so it seemed like getting enough miles for a trip would take forever. Well, three months after getting the book and using the techniques mentioned, we are planning a trip to Thailand with a free stopover in Tokyo! Thank you, Matt!

Cindy: Matt’s travel-hacking book was a great purchase. It was really informative and covered a lot of different aspects of travel hacking that we were not even aware of or thinking about. Matt explains everything very well and makes it really easy for readers to understand. Thanks to Matt’s book, we are on our way to getting a free flight to South America!

If you already bought a previous version of this book, an update link has already been sent to you! Yup, you also get free updates for life when you buy the book. It doesn’t matter when you buy it. If I make a new edition ten years from now, you’ll still get an update link!

Travel hacking isn’t about making you sign up for a lot of credit cards, creating extra work, or having you figure out complicated loyalty programs. This book will show you how, in just a few hours a week, you can turn your day-to-day spending into free travel and hotel stays for the rest of your life.

So if you’re ready to stop spending a lot of money on your flights and start making your dream trips happen, you can order the book right now by clicking right here.

(Or, if you still want learn more about the book, you can click here for added information)

Either way, don’t leave free travel on the table. Don’t let fear, uncertainty, or disbelief keep you from learning this essential aspect of budget travel. Because when you travel hack, the world truly becomes your oyster, money is of no concern, and life offers seats, lounges, and meals like this:

Nomadic Matt flying first class
A seat in Lufthansa first class
Nomadic Matt flying first class
Nomadic Matt in a fancy hotel room

There’s a lot of information on the web about travel hacking but information isn’t enough. You need to know how to distill it all and turn it into action. This guide does that. If you’re ready to stop spending money on flights and hotels, travel in comfort, and actually enjoy the flying experience, pick up this book today.

Because once you take money out of the equation, the world truly is your oyster.

– Matt

P.S. – If you have any questions, send me an email at matt@nomadicmatt.com

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